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Bouchard Farm II


Beef, Pork, and Turkey Community Supported Agriculture (CSA)

Contract/Application –fall/winter season


Once again, it is with great pleasure, we are able to offer our dedicated customers an extension of the market experience and by providing our meats year-round.  By joining our CSA, members will enjoy locally raised meats for 20 weeks during the fall/winter season.  As always, our beef is humanely raised.  They are pastured on our 120 acre farm throughout the spring, summer, and fall and during the winter graze on hay grown from our very own fields.  Our free-range pastured turkeys happily graze and forage daily and are offered a free choice of high-quality feed.  Our pork is pastured and raised naturally and allowed to grow at their own pace.  They are never fed any by-products and enjoy the extra abundance of produce grown from our vegetable garden.  Like our turkeys, they are offered a free-choice of high-quality feed, as well.  We take great pride in the well-being of all our animals.  They are never given any hormone or antibiotic supplements and are always treated respectfully and humanely.  


Share Information


Every two weeks for 20 weeks, beginning in November, members will receive a variety of select cuts of beef and pork to feed approximately 2-4 people.  A turkey is also included with a share purchase and will be delivered the week prior to Thanksgiving.  Selections are based on availability and farmer’s choice.  All meats are vacuum-packed and can remain frozen for up to 1 year.  


Payment information


Shares are limited, to reserve your share, we require a $100.00 deposit or payment in full of $500.00 at sign up.  Please select your payment option below and submit check or money order along with a completed application.

§ Payment in full enclosed ($500.00)


§ $100.00 deposit enclosed.  Remaining balance due October 15, 2017.


Payments may be made by check or money order payable to Bouchard Farm II. No refunds after October 31, 2017.


Pickup Information


Pickups take place every two weeks for 20 weeks. Saturday 3pm at the farm or the Utica Train station during the winter market. Please let us know your preference.







Contract Agreement


I have read and agree to the terms in this contract for the Bouchard Farm II Meat CSA 2017 season.  By signing this contract, I am entering into a partnership with Bouchard Farm II.  I also understand the inherent risks and rewards of farming.


Please Print the Following:











Text Message ok?  Please circle Y  or  N


We often communicate with our CSA members via e-mail or text message.  By including an e-mail address, you are confirming that this is a good way for us to contact you concerning your CSA.  We value your privacy, we never give out any of your personal information to anyone.


Signature:  __________________________________    Date:  ____________


Please send your completed application and payment to:


Bouchard Farm II

160 Kelly Road

Little Falls, NY 13365


If you have any questions, please contact us by email at [email protected], “like” us on facebook, or by phone at 315-796-4370.