Bouchard Farm II

From our family farm to your family table

At Bouchard farm II, we are focused on providing healthy food all season long.   From the freshest vegetables to the tastiest meat around. As always, our cows are naturally raised.  They are pastured on our 120 acre farm throughout the spring, summer, and fall and during the winter graze on hay grown from our very own fields.  Our free-range pastured turkeys happily graze and forage daily and are offered a free choice of high-quality feed.  Our pork is pastured and raised naturally and allowed to grow at their own pace.  They are never fed any by-products and enjoy the extra abundance of produce grown from our vegetable garden.  Like our turkeys, they are offered a free-choice of high-quality feed, as well.  We take great pride in the well-being of all our animals.  They are never given any hormone or antibiotic supplements and are always treated respectfully and humanely.